About the Author

L. Neil Thrussell

I have always loved to write and make up stories, but was a closet writer until 2010. That’s when I began to write seriously and let people see my work.


I really don’t like to be bound by facts so I love to write fiction, though I occasionally do write non-fiction. “The Relationship Survival Guide For Men: 7 Secrets Every Man Needs To Know About Women” is proof of my ability to write quality self-help material, but even my non-fiction is written with a lot of fun incorporated into it.

I was thrilled to have my dream of becoming an Amazon best-seller come true when the very first novel I published, “A Warrior’s Heart: The Awakening” hit the best-seller list in 2012. That book was inspired by a recurring dream and it seemed to write itself. Not long into the writing, I realized the story would be a trilogy. The second book, “A Warrior’s Heart: Perseverance” turned out a little differently than I expected, as once again the story seemed to write itself and take a slight detour from what I anticipated…  and it happened again with book three, “A Warrior’s Heart: Convocation“!

Enjoy the surprise!

Published by Best U Can B Inc.